Monday, May 22, 2006


It is with sadness that we announce that on the 4th of May 2006 Brownie Pate passed to the Summerlands at the age of 84.
Brownie was a witch and psychic, as well as a good friend to Cecil Williamson and this museum. She suffered terrible persecution from the press in the 1970s when they discovered that she was both a witch and a children’s ballet teacher. The tabloid press at the time thought that witches should be kept away from children.
This museum is indebted to Brownie for the books and magical artefacts that she bequeathed to us. We are now busy cataloguing & covering all the books and this bequest may force us to bring forward our plans to add more storage space to the library.
Enjoy the Summerlands Brownie!


Nikky Dominey said...

My thoughts and Blessings to you Brownie. Although we here say, "she has gone" In the summerlands they say "She has arrived"

I hope your dancing again

Nikky Dominey

Blessed be

Beth Thompson (Gates of Annwn) said...

Farewell to my special older sister, we spent many a lovely time together.

With Alan, you taught me a lot, I lost touch a few years ago, I am sorry not to have been with you at your passing.

You are now with Cecil, may you both be happy, I know its where you would want to be, to be with your kindred spirit and in his arms at last.

Make a space for me when I come and we can be reunited.

all my love.



Anna Paton-Blackley said...

You're gone Brownie. My ballet teacher until 1976 at Sangley Hall, when, I emigrated to Australia with my family. I still have every one of my ballet medals, I even have a copy of my theory sheet! You were awfully hard on me and were constantly making sure I had cleaned my neck before class, but you used to have me stay at the cottage on weekends and I loved you. You were like a Nana to me. You taught me so much about goodness and light, even though I didn't always understand it. You used to tell me stories at night and take me to your older classes to help on Saturdays. How sad, I finally find you after all these years and you have passed. Thank you for the beautiful memories Brownie.

With much love

Anna paton-Blackley (nee McGregor) Queensland, Australia

Anonymous said...

I knew brownie and Alan from doing Psychic fairs in the 1980's and 1990's.They were a great help in developing my love of the craft and she was a lovely person and witch.
Steve Jones