Saturday, February 04, 2006

You probably won't notice ....

There's always a lot of work going on behind the scenes which nobody notices - recarpeting, painting, new lighting. As well as redoing the protection display, James, a young decorator, has been in repainting the walls. The flood has made them very damp and paint doesn't seem to want to stick for very long, so James has been removing the hideous flaky bits ready for some new special paints that hopefully will cling to the walls instead of falling to the floor. It's a messy job & masks must be worn to protect against the dust.
Graham is carpeting the area around "Protection" and he's been doing a nice job with the lighting. A horse skull has taken up residence in one of the cabinets for the time being. We've put a new cabinet downstairs which was donated by a Police Museum. It will house Good Luck charms including some trench art from the 1st World War. Here's a lovely photo of me pretending to hold up the cabinet. Exciting isn't it!

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