Thursday, February 23, 2006

Palace Visit

Here is a not-very-good photo of Graham outside Buckingham Palace last Wednesday evening 15th February. A reception given by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was held for UK Rescue Service men and women and Graham was lucky enough to be invited for his actions during the Boscastle flood. He had a really good time viewing the exquisite artwork and sampling the New Zealand wines on offer. Good to see the Palace still supporting the colonies! (I can say that because I'm Australian.) Graham actually met the Queen at the end of the evening but contrary to village gossip he has NOT been knighted. He's already a King after all.
Unfortunately I had to dash out of a waiting cab & quickly take this shot so it is not quite as dapper as the photo we have of Gerald Gardner entering the Palace Gates with his walking cane in hand.
We spent the next day at the British Museum checking out the fabulous Aztec turquoise mosaics. The masks are incredible as is the two headed snake. Have you ever checked them out? Highly recommended. They're in the Americas section.
So now we're back and work is continuing. We had a belated "Yule Do" at Trebarwith Mill pub (belated due to Hannah being slightly preoccupied with giving birth just before the original Xmas party date). It was an extremely pleasant evening with yummy food & put us all in the mood for a fabulous year ahead. A dry one we hope.

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