Monday, July 18, 2005

Very rare photo

On our way to Buckingham Palace - a rare glimpse of Graham in a tiePosted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous (both of you)

Anonymous said...

great to see you up & running will be coming to stay down in october so will definitly visit (again!!)love the site by the way keeps me in touch with my beloved cornwall

Uncle blogaria said...

Keep on blogging in the free world- excellent keeps me updated

thanks brightest blessings

Anonymous said...

Saw the repeat on BBC last night. I'm pleased things are coming together again for you. I spent a lot of time in Boscastle & surrounding area as a kid, and was devastated to see the destruction. Unfortunately due to other commitments I find it hard to get doen you way these days, but I WILL return asap.
All the best for the future

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Men in uniform!