Monday, July 11, 2005

A Couple of Bits

Just a couple of new things to let you know about. Graham has finally taken delivery of his refurbished Landrover. A farmer from the PLymouth area donated his old Landrover to Graham when he heard his had been destroyed in the flood. Spookily our friend Ron, who had previously offered to do any Landrover restoration work we may need, lives on the farm next door to the donated one. Coincidence perhaps??! Any way, after a few initial hiccups all seems to be well and she is now taking pride of place outside the museum.

Another bit of recycling is also taking place in the form of a "new" pew. Graham had been looking for a bench seat to place near the shrine to enable people to sit and relax. At the local auction on the weekend we noticed a couple of bashed up old pews and successfully bid on one of them. It turns out they were from the Wellington Hotel and were rescued after the flood. It's now been sanded down, waxed up and looks rather fab.

We're off to a Garden Party in Buckingham Palace this week. Graham has been invited due to his services to the Coastguard during the flood. (We think that's why anyway.) We should have some interesting photos for the blog next week. that's if he let's me put one of him in a uniform on the site.

I've put in a couple of extra photos this week just because they're rather lovely. Graham took them on one of his early morning walks recently: a close up of a spider web covered in dew, and a far off shot of the White Tower poking out from the sea mist. Hope you enjoy them.


Frater Reviresco said...

"Your majesty, the witches have arrived..."

That's excellent! Ask them about the black cats found under the Tower of London battlements, if you need some light conversation ;)

kirsten said...

I cant get the pictures what am I doing wrong?