Friday, May 13, 2005

Stolen Owl

Earlier this week an obsidion owl was stolen from the new witchpost at the front of the museum. Some of you may remember we found numerous owls in the mud when we were cleaning up after the flood. Steve Patterson carved the stunning witch post and conveniently left a space for an item of our choosing. The owl fit perfectly but was not secured. We felt it would be a very brave or very stupid person who would steal such an item from a Museum of Witchraft. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

I have visited the museum for the last three years and will be coming again this year. It is a great museum and I hope whoever stole the owl returns it as I think it is disguting anyone would do such a thing. See you soon and hope all is well.

lizardwyn said...

Merry Meet!
I had to leave a comment about the finding of the bodies of owls in the mud when clearing up in Boscastle. The ancient forests of the Valency Valley are truly sacred to myself and my husband and we were devastated particularly upon hearing this news. I know that we all have to face the reality of the dark goddess - but why sacrifice the owls? Any thoughts? xx