Monday, May 23, 2005

Library Returns

It's been several weeks now since our library came back from Falmouth. We'd like to thank KayTransport for moving the books back free of charge. Dave Evans & Steve Patterson were on hand to help with the unloading and all museum volunteers have been having fun reloading the shelves and sorting out duplicates. With all the recent donations we are doubling up on quite a lot of the books so we have decided to sell some in the museum to assist with fundraising for the ongoing refurbishment. There is a huge variety from fairly common books worth around £1-£2 to some rarer books worth considerably more. If you're in the area it's worth popping in for a look.

The Library is not officially reopened yet.

Business has been fairly quiet lately but we're hoping things will pick up this Bank Holiday weekend. The Spinning Wheel Restaurant is planning to be open this weekend and the Wellington Hotel opened last weekend, so the village really feels like it's starting to get back to normal. The Riverside Hotel is still in the process of being rebuilt and 3 shops are still total spaces of air at the moment but progress is being made.

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