Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Clue to the Museum's location in Bourton on the Water

We know that the Museum was one located in Bourton-on-the-Water, in Gloucestershire but we have never really been sure where.  Graham King recently discovered this clue and may have found the Museum's old address in this article:


which states that ‘..........the model railway building was a witchcraft museum in the 1960s’.

So the address may well have been:

Box Bush
High Street
GL54 2AN

Many thanks to Graham King for drawing this to our attention.

There is also a video clip from 1964 which references a Witchcraft Museum in the Cotswolds.  It can be viewed here:

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Sue Roberts said...

Hi, The Box Bush is the new building / shop built later on in the "gap" that used to be to the left hand side of the barn type building that used to house the Witchcraft Museum and is now occupied by the Model Railway. The gap was the entrance to a farmyard that used to sit in that location. The address presumably would simply have been The Witchcraft Museum , High Street. I would be interested to know if there is any surviving newspaper articles etc relating to the local unrest of villagers with regard to the existence of the museum in the village. Interestingly there is an exhibit in the Museum in the Park in Stroud ( currently on view) showing a preserved apple said to relate to witchcraft that was found/ donated from Bourton on the Water in 1964. I wondered whether it had been "liberated" from the museum or had genuinely been found in the village. Any information would be most welcome.

Sue Roberts,
Chairman Bourton on the Water History Society.