Thursday, November 26, 2015

From the Museum store part three

These items are in the Museum store.  They date from the early days of the Museum.

This colourful picture has holes where it eyes should be.  We've been told that it used to have glowing red eyes.  This look was achieved with red plastic and a light bulb.  You can clearly see this painting in the photo below which shows an old Museum display.

We are told that this cross formed part of an old Museum display on Ritual Magic as did the paintings below.

Maybe someday we'll have a temporary exhibition on Ritual Magic which would get these items on display and give us a chance to consider the subject in greater detail.


frocker151 said...

So excited to see these paintings in colour, I've been fascinated by that particular painting that hung behind the Witch's Cradle since the picture was published in Steve Patterson's book. It looks a lot less eerie in colour! Thanks so much for sharing these, I imagine there's a whole load of interesting stuff in the stores.

Museum of Witchcraft said...

It is really vibrant and colourful. Glad you liked the photos, we thought people would love to see them as they haven't been on display for over twenty years. Sadly, there still isn't room for them at present but they are being well looked after so we might be able to get them on display in future.