Monday, November 03, 2014

A very busy October 31st!

We had a great day on October 31st, lots of young visitors came to the Museum in lovely costumes.

We were also given a generous donation - a very special, hand carved pumpkin which was lit and left in the Shrine all day.  

And last but not least, we had the most amazing visitors!  Thanks so much to everyone involved - it was too wonderful to put into words!  The music, the atmosphere, the spectacle and the goodwill of all the participants and the audience was amazing.  The osses started outside the Museum where they knocked for admission and where an interaction took place between those inside (including the Museum staff) and those outside (see photo below)  Then they came in and toured the Museum to bring us luck for the year ahead.  Afterwards, quite a crowd gathered and there was music and dancing outside and a sharing of wine, ale and cake!  There has been talk of making this an annual event...

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Wendy Chapman said...

The evening visitors were totally amazing and was so enjoyable