Saturday, October 04, 2014

West Country Folklore and Magic Event a great success

We had a good turn out for our day of talks and discussion on West Country Folklore and Magic which was hosted in the Museum library by Simon Costin and Steve Patterson.  There was an interesting consideration of the origins of folklore studies and a discussions of what folklore was.  We were then taken on a journey through the calendar looking at festivals and events from Cornwall from the more well known (Padstow's Obby Oss) to the less well known (sparrow mumbling)  The day was insightful and interesting but also relaxed and anecdotal - a very good balance!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the day which finished with a look round the Museum.  Thanks to Simon and Steve for this event and to Peter for organising the details of the day.  Maybe we will hold another one (or something similar) soon...

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Anonymous said...

My Wife and I, plus the dog, all had a great time :)

Ian Edwards
Writer and Bellaonline Pagan columnist,