Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AAH & University of Wolverhampton poppet research project in full swing

Earlier this month, Dr Louise Fenton from the University of Wolverhampton began researching the origins of some of the poppets held in the Museum collection. Some of you may have heard Louise talk last year at the Wellington when she uncovered her findings on three of the poppets she looked at previously. The research is funded by the Association of Art Historians to foster collaborations between Museums and Universities and they were keen to support this particular project. Louise will be making several visits over the next year and hopefully will uncover more of the secrets held in the cabinets of curses!

Louise has already uncovered some fascinating information regarding the people, places and motives for cursing using some of the poppets in the museum collection.  This project will deepen public understanding of twentieth century folk magic, provide vital provenance for our collections, and inspire more projects and collaborative work with universities and researchers in the future.


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