Sunday, August 17, 2014

Remembering the 2004 Flood

Hi, this is Chloé interning at the museum of Witchcraft!

Although only two of the current members of staff were working in the museum at the time of the flood, it having been a decade since it passed was cause for remembrance in the museum. As people are already aware, in the entrance to the actual museum, there is a small piece about the flood (with a picture of Graham's car!) but it is mainly pictures. However to celebrate the first decade since the event, Pete and Judith decided to put together a small collection of artifacts, which were related to the flood, as a temporary commemorative display. As part of a two week internship, I was here to help with the display.

The artifacts in the below picture are the ones which were chosen (Judith having sent me around to see what looked interesting and was either flood damaged or related to the flood in some way) and they include things such as the number plate of Graham's car which was swept into the sea, a pot which lost some of the Graveyard Dust which had previously filled it, a doll which had to be restored, some artifacts made by Margaret Bruce which were also flood damaged, the Odd Pod, which had turned from white to dark, and, most intriguing, a spoon which Uri Geller signed and bent and he had sent it to show his support in the aftermath of the flood. In fact I heard Joyce saying that the whole ground floor was filled with fudge the next day because next door, at the time, was a fudge shop! Unusually for the museum, which normally has the descriptions in the display case, the artifacts had to be numbered and a separate piece of paper with a description (not pictured) had to be made as the actual case is around half the size of a modern school desk 

It wasn't just the museum which was commemorating the decade anniversary since the flood, the National Trust Café next door had a slide show of pictures playing all Tuesday showing pictures from the immediate aftermath and photos taken earlier this year, ITV sent their local news crew to the village on Monday to do a small piece on the decade mark since the flood and pictured below are the Boscastle Buoys who sang outside the museum on Monday and Tuesday, raising funds for a local hospice.

I'll be doing more blogs for the museum in the next two weeks....... stay tuned!

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