Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Late night openings this summer

We will be having late openings of  the Museum this summer on the first Saturday of every month.  We will be open from 8pm till midnight on the following dates: Saturday July 5th, Saturday August 2nd, Saturday September 6th and Saturday October 4th. 
At each of these times, we will be open by candlelight and there will also be an opportunity to see some of the objects in depth (out of their display cases for you to have a closer look)  The objects will include: black mirrors, crystal balls, corn dolls and gemstones and crystals.

The last two candlelit openings were hugely popular with visitors.  It was a truly magical and beautiful way to see the Museum and really gave people chance to take in the objects without the daytime hurly burly.  Lots of people have said that they were sorry they missed the last candlelit opening: now is your chance if you missed it before - come along!

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Witchmum said...

This sounds fab! Do we need to book for the evening visits?