Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Book from Dave Evans et al

A new book which Dave Evans has edited is now out! It is listed on Amazon,

and available for pre-order. It is an intelligent collection of essays

by some leading names and some new writers, and I hope you will find

it interesting.

The Enduring Problems with Prophecy: from Early-Modern Times to 2012 and Beyond

Dave Evans (editor)

Lionel Snell (aka Ramsey Dukes) Julian Vayne Dave Lee Cynthia Dunn

Alexander Cummins Helen Frisby Siobhan Monroe Francis Breakspear Dave

Evans (contributors)

Have you ever wondered why prophecies are, well, usually pretty off

target? It seems that every few years we have an impending 'end of

days' scenario (there were two in 2011 alone), with all manner of

prophets of doom foretelling a grim future, and then.... on the

appointed day the world continues to turn, the sun rises as normal,

the birds sing and nothing much is changed. Then a few days later, up

springs another prophet, with news of the grisly details of another

impending Armageddon on the way. This timely, intelligent and

entertaining collection of essays by a heady mixture of well-known and

new writers, including Julian Vayne, Ramsey Dukes, Al Cummins, Helen

Frisby, Cynthia Grannon, Dave Lee, Dave Evans, Siobhan Monroe and

Francis Breakspear,examines this recurring phenomenon from a variety

of perspectives, academic, scientific, economic, esoteric,

philosophical and historical, and comes up with some surprising

conclusions, both about modern doomsayers (2012, the Y2K bug etc) and

older historical instances of the end of the world, and muses on why

nobody, of all the modern prophets and psychics alive today, was able

to predict 9-11. Along the way we examine John Dee, British Civil War

women prophets, class war, oil spills, aeonic succession, a new way to

date our calendar (and how 2012 might already have passed us by

without anyone realising), portents of doom in Victorian England,

Terrence McKenna and the Timewave theory, the Mayan Calendar, economic

meltdowns and much, much more besides Read it now, just in case the

next prophecy is right...

Available worldwide, this is the Amazon UK link.

For the USA here at

if the the link shows as "unavailable at present" - this is because the stock

is still on the way to Amazon. Pre-order with confidence : )
If you are not a fan of Amazon please take these ISBNs and support

your local bookshop:

ISBN-10: 1905524382

ISBN-13: 978-1905524389

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