Sunday, March 18, 2012

John of Monmouth Book Signing

Last weekend the Pagan Federation South West held its annual conference in Kilkhampton and was a great success with everyone commenting on the lovely atmosphere during the proceedings. The Museum always opens for the Sunday after the conference for the attendees to come & be the first to visit for the new year. This day coincided with the launch of John of Monmouth's new book 'Genuine Witchcraft Explained, The Secret History of the Royal Windsor Coven & the Regency' so we took advantage of the sunshine and had a book signing outside the front of the Museum. the book, has had some good reviews and I'm looking forward to reading it. It can be purchased from The Occult Art Company website. Here is a pic of John enjoying his booksigning with brigitte (top) & Deborah.

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Gemma Gary said...

We were looking forward so much to attending the signing, but unfortunately Jane was really quite poorly and unable to drive! Hopefully we might get the chance to ask John to sign our copy at the museum’s event in May! Glad to hear the signing went so well and that you had such a lovely day for it.