Friday, March 04, 2011

60th Anniversary Book

Well all is very exciting as I have just sent the 60th anniversary book 'The Museum of Witchcraft~A Magical History' off to the printers today. A total of 47 people have put forward their essays/poems/artworks which have been collected in this book which will originally be published as a cloth bound limited edition of 250 copies. It also contains a short Cecil Williamson biography, an article Cecil wrote about his museums, a rundown on the Richel Eldermans Collection & a piece on the 2004 flood. See the previous post for info on the book launch date.


Aurora said...

Sounds Wonderful! How does one sign up for a copy when they become available?

Lucy Fur Leaps said...

Yes please! I would love to have a copy of this too. I am very sorry not to be able to come to the launch- it is my son's birthday and so other important duties preclude a visit, otherwise I would be there with bells on! ;-)

Museum of Witchcraft said...

email if you would like to reserve a copy of this book
thanks for your interest

Museum of Witchcraft said...

oops I mean