Friday, August 27, 2010

Mother Shipton Missing

Either a very brave or a very stupid person has stolen a Mother Shipton statue from her perch in the Images section of the museum. We're not sure how long she's been gone but most things stolen from us return sooner or later due to strange happenings to the thief. So beware if you see one on ebay - it may or may not be ours. I attach a photograph of the missing statue and the spot where she once stood.


Anonymous said...

What a rotten thing to do!
I hope she makes it back to her home safely.

Kat the hat lady! said...

Oh not that's terrible, whoever did this it will only bring you bad luck return her!

ooakdiddydolls said...

saddo's, well karma and all that . beware thief

Anonymous said...

Some body likes shiny objects I see.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt thief from a Witches museum... thats stupid... and sad..

Greetings from Mexico!