Thursday, July 22, 2010

US students

We had a great time with the students from New Jersey who recently came over to assist with our database. They were extremely friendly, helpful & professional - a credit to their Professor, the lovely Shelley. We had a couple of excursions out & about - walked the coast path to Tintagel & went out to Stannen Stone Circle & the Logan stone nearby. I think we'll see a few of them back next year. Here are a few pics of the dewds out & about. Graham couldn't control his urge to have a bit of a rockarama on the Logan stone himself.

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NJNRG said...

Where abouts in Jersey were they from? , I lived in Bude many years ago and was a frequent visitor to the museum , our last visit there was just 4 days before the eventful flood , It would be great to get in contact with this mentioned group ...