Sunday, March 14, 2010

Modern Witchraft

Had a lovely day yesterday rearranging some of the modern witchcraft display, mainly the Stewart Farrar & Brownie Pate section. It's such a privilege to handle the magical objects that once belonged to such interesting people ad know they are being cared for in a respectful environment. As you may know Graham has donated all the artifacts in the museum to the Trust for the Preservation of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft so the collection will always remain together. Here I am with Brownie's elf doll - one of my favourite artifacts.

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Anna Paton-Blackley said...

Hello, My name is Anna and I have lived in Australia since 1976, I was 11 when I arrived here with my parents. The reason for my message is this. As a small child until the time I sailed to Australia I was a close ballet student of a Mrs Brownie Pate. She took me under her wing and it was not unusual for me to stay at her cottage over night, especially after Mr Pate died. I can remember her doing some rather odd things during the evening time outside and I remember her explaining to me that she was a witch - a good one though. I loved spending time with her both at her home (which used to make me feel I was in another time!)and in ballet classes in Hayle (where she pushed me to the limits most times!). Are you able to confirm that 'your' Brownie Pate is possibly mine too??? I would love to hear back from you, and if you have any photos online somewhere I would love to know about them. Thanks, Anna :)