Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Occult Reliquary Notice of Publication

March 2010 will see the publication of The Occult Reliquary by a very high quality US publisher Three Hands Press which is run by Daniel Schulke. Many of you will be aware of Daniel through his other publishing house Xoanon which is responsible for the Chumbley works Azoetia and Qutub among others, as well as his own Ars Philtron.
The Occult Reliquary showcases the Richel-Eldermans Collection which is an occult archive of over 2000 images and artifacts housed in the Museum of Witchcraft. 'Situated at the crossroads of erotic magic, ceremonial angelic conjuration, and witchcraft, the images comprise, in part, a veiled pictorial cipher of the practices of several European Occult Orders operating in the Netherlands in the early 20th Century. Among these are Ars Amatoria, a magical order using sex magic and the lesser known M.M ...............
The Reliquary presents for the first time a selection of these magical images reproduced at full scale, & bound with the highest quality materials. The book is 216 pages, with over 200 illustrations, 80 of which are in full colour, & includes an introduction by curator Graham King.'
The book is available in three editions as follows with UK prices:
Special Edition - gilt stamped full leather with felt lined slipcase, limited to 100 copies - £200.00
Delux Edition - gilt stamped & quarter-bonded in leather, limited to 250 copies - £130.00
Standard Edition - casebound in cloth with gilt stamping, limited to 700 copies - £65.00
For information on Pre-ordering contact the museum's official retail outlet The Occult Art Company on

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