Monday, September 21, 2009

Richel Collection Prints

I have had quite a few queries lately about reintroducing the prints from the Richel Collection. If you have looked on the museum's official retail website you will have noticed we are out of stock of many of the prints. This is due to my local printer moving away and I am in the process of finding a new person who can do prints of equal quality. We like to use local businesses where possible. I am having talks with someone this week who may be able to help so watch this space. I will be introducing some new prints as well as keeping our most popular ones, in particular, the Richel Witch, the Serpent and the mandrakes. Hopefully if we can overcome space limitations you will be able to buy them in the museum shop itself next year.
I have introduced a new line of Greetings Cards featuring some of the Richel images as well as others which are doing really well so I hope to get most of these onto the website in the next few weeks.

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