Thursday, June 12, 2008

Antiques Roadshow

We're just back from Lanhydrock House near Bodmin where they have been filming Antiques Roadshow today. Graham was contacted by the show to see if there was anything of interest and they decided on a couple of Lenciewicz paintings. Luckily we were first to be filmed on the day (fabulous as the queues were getting longer & longer by the minute) & we were most amused that we had to go into 'makeup' before filming. Graham looks lovely with a bit of pancake around the edges of his beard! Anyway, I annoyingly forgot to take my camera but I've got some shots of Graham returning the paintings to the museum. There is no guarantee that the piece we did will actually end up being shown but we're hopeful as there is an increasing interest in the work of Lenkiewicz and of Boscastle itself. If it does make it to the screen we'll let you know the date (if they tell us) so you can check it out. And the value of the paintings will remain a secret until the show!

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