Sunday, May 25, 2008


As those of you who have visited the museum know, we collect written comments from people on their way out to display on the board outside. We'll occasionally put some of these on the blog so our e-visitors can read them too. My favourite for the day, which I haven't included, was from Churton age 6 who says 'I liked the goat who had a beard'. Most amusing! The favourite artefacts from the latest selection of comments seem to be 'Harry' (our medieval tarred head), the stuffed cat, and the crystal balls. Many people are return visitors who have visited many times. We try to change something each year to keep things interesting fro our repeat customers. Our retail is becoming a bit more adventurous as well, with some new t shirt colours added to the range and some one off glass pieces by Frank Timmins, local glass artist. I'll put a detailed note about the new t shirts (with photos) in the next blog.

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