Friday, March 21, 2008

Foiled Again

One of our winter jobs has been to try and solve the problem of high humidity in some of the old wooden cabinets. The humidity monitors in some of these cabinets have often displayed a humidity figure several percent higher than ambient. This could be caused by the wood of the cabinet releasing moisture. After taking advice, we have lined one of the worst offenders with metal foil, replaced the silica gel, and we are now monitoring the results.
If this works and we can reliably control the humidity within all of the cabinets, we may be able to switch off some of the dehumidifiers a save a fortune in electricity and reduce our carbon footprint as well.

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Patti Wigington said...

I'm the host of's Pagan/Wiccan website, and wanted to update readers on how things have been going at the museum since the big flood. Now that the bridge is back in place, is everything back to normal? Are there items that still need to be replaced due to damages? Feel free to shoot me an email at [at] Thanks in advance!


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