Saturday, December 15, 2007


Here is a photo of Mavis who sadly died on Nov 28 2007. Mavis loved nothing more than sitting on Graham's lap while he brushed her fur. She was, perhaps, the fussiest eater in the world but was extremely friendly & purred at the drop of a hat. She was much too glamorous to chase birds or mice & to our amusement, the resident robin would often strut its stuff inches from Mavis' disinterested glare. She definitely made the most of all of her nine lives, bouncing back from several operations & illnesses with kittenesque fervour. Bye Mavis - thanks for being a good friend.


Anonymous said...

She not left, she just popped down to the bottom meadow chasing butterflys. Be happy in the knowledge that shes not so far away that she cant see or hear you when you call

Anonymous said...

How true. And she looks very cute in this photo!