Saturday, June 23, 2007

All Is Well

Just wanted to thank everyone for the emails of support & good wishes after the recent flood. Everything is back to normal & business is as usual. The media did tend to over hype the issue somewhat. It was rather scary at the time but things got under control very quickly thanks to the swift action of the Fire Brigade & local Coast Guards. The shops near the main bridge had about 3 feet of water in & spent yesterday cleaning up but are open today. A couple of private properties near the main bridge also had water damage but things were nowhere near as bad as the 2004 flood. So please don't let this stop you from visiting Boscastle as everything is up & running as normal. We had the quietest day of the year yesterday & it's still rather quiet today. On the reail side of things, Graham has some fab new dark mirrors for sale in the museum. The obsidian ones are available through The Occult Art Company website and the black glass ones will be going on next week. If you're visiting the museum, look out for back issues of Pentacle magazine which have been donated by the editor. The new Summer 2007 Merry Meet magazine is out & available next door at The Boscastle Trading Co. There is a great review of the museum's 'Songs of Witchcraft & Magic' in it as well.


Christine said...

I am in Australia and could not believe it when I read on the BBC website that Boscastle had experienced another flood. I am so pleased to hear that the Museum is OK and all is well. Thank goodness.

Will be back again next year.

Vampy Sue said...

So pleased eveything is okay with you all in gorgeous Boscastle and especially the museum and staff. So sorry some people have experienced flood damage but it sounds as if things are not too bad. Have a prosperous and peaceful summer and we will see you in September.

Anonymous said...

had a lovely time on sat and was glad to see everything was normal,,,
thanks for the library
xx bb xx