Monday, February 05, 2007

Pinky & Perky

For those of you who remember the museum's two headed pig, affectionately known as Pinky & Perky, you will now be able to see her/it/them on view at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. P & P is on loan for an exhibition of curiosities which will be held this year (dates to be confirmed). During the flood the Maritime Museum was particularly helpful to us especially in storing our collection of over 4,000 library books while we rebuilt the museum, so we wear happy to loan our piggy to them for this interesting exhibit.

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Pammie Couchman said...

Thankyou for getting pinky and perky out when my oldest son came for a visit with my Grandchildren last sept. He remembered them from his own childhood when we used to visit you every year. So it was just fantastic when he asked about them and you very kindly got them for him to show my Grandchildren.
Many Thanks
Pammie Couchman