Saturday, November 18, 2006

December Update

Well it's been a bit rainy the last few days but that hasn't stopped some hardened museum lovers from coming to visit. Obviously numbers aren't at August levels (hardly) but it's worth opening for those tourists who don't take holidays in the high season. There's been a massive amount of work outside the museum, with 30 feet holes being dug and cables being moved. I've attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Here is a lovely view of a hole for a pumping station and the view across to the museum with diggers in sight. Very attractive!!
With all the work, the builders have uncovered some interesting bits of history. An old culvert has been discovered running from outside the museum down as far as the slipway. Graham thinks this may harken back to the old pilchard press days and may have been a way of removing bits of fish back to the sea by slooshing them down to the slipway. Here's a picture of it. It's a little larger than a foot square. Rather interesting I think.
Graham has also been busy inside the museum working out how much we spend on electricity in a bid to reduce consumption & do our bit for carbon emissions. It seems we spend £3,600 per year on electricity, £1000 of which is taken up by dehumidifiers since the flood! So if anyone knows of any low electrickery dehumidifiers please let us know!!

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Gemma said...

When I first saw the culvert picture I thought for a moment a fogou had been discovered under the museum!