Friday, August 18, 2006

Flood Anniversary

Well we seem to have survived the second anniversary of the flood without too much trouble. We recently had a comment from a reader which I insert here:
"I wish you all well, but I do wish Boscastle as a whole would move on from the floods - it's all we visitors ever hear about! There are still large poster signs up about it down the harbour. It really is time to move on ...Good luck for the season."
I can just say that we would like to get over it too but we are still only halfway through the reconstruction & still have another year of flood defense works and rebuilding. The majority of tourists who visit Boscastle ask questions and are still very interested in what happened on the 16th August 2004 and are keen to know what the next steps in the rebuild are.
When a 30 foot wall of water sweeps through one's tiny village carrying over 80 cars with it and destroying homes and businesses, it takes more than just a few days to recover. Sorry if we're boring you but thanks for the kind wishes.


Anonymous said...

Strange - didn't realise it was 30 foot deep!? Either way, personally I wish the village would stop actively advertising the flood so much too.
It's time to move on ...

turtlegnome said...

The flood was a terrible event that could have cost so many lives if it hadn't been for the actions of the emergancy services including graham on the day. Like the floods in Lynmouth in 1952, these events should never be forgotten.
If readers of the blog have nothing better to do than make stupid comments then maybe they should go and get a life in the real world.