Thursday, July 13, 2006

Spruce up

Due to the mammoth building works outside the museum (they're rebuilding the Youth Hostel, christian shop & harbour Restaurant) visitor numbers have been down as the whole place looks like a building site. If you didn't know the museum's there you'd miss it. So rather than be dejected & depressed we've decided to spruce up the front area directly outside the museum to make it more appealing & attractive. Graham has made some plant boxes, beautifully routed with a pentacle of course, and we've planted some vibrant flowers. The nasturtiums are having a field day & really enjoying the sunny location, as well as the geraniums which have added to the instant colour. We've also built up a rock planter & placed a gunnerah in there as it's very damp. All plants seem to be doing really well & the whole area is starting to look much more appealing.
On the weekend I thought it was time something was done to the window display. We've taken the flood information boards out. Don't worry they've been moved inside for people who are interested to see the pictures. I found a recipe* for cleaning copper on the internet & polished up one of Cecil Williamson's copper dishes and it is now shining away beautifully and full of fresh rosemary & bay leaves in the window. All the dried herbs have been removed & replaced with fresh ones. An altar using ritual items from the museum has been set up in place of the flood boards.
We think it's looking much better so hopefully more people will notice us & come to visit.

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