Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gearing up for the season

Time is passing really quickly lately and we'll be reopening again for this year's season really soon. It looks like the opening date will be April 1st but keep checking as I'll announce it officially when it is definite.
We had fun cleaning & polishing the museum for the open day last Sunday for the attendees of the Devon & Cornwall Pagan Federation Conference which was held on March 11th. Carole had a lovely surprise when she found someone had stuffed a bag full of dog poo underneath the automaton. Some people are really fabulous aren't they? Apart from that, the day went very well & the museum was extremely busy with both PF members and regular members of the public taking advantage of this one off treat.
Things have been a bit glam around here as photographers from W magazine (a US fashion mag) have been over photographing for a new issue. Some of the artefacts have been used in the shoots as well as local Cornish landmarks like Tintagel Castle. The photos are extremely good and we look forward to seeing them in print.

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