Sunday, December 04, 2005

Friends Weekend

Picture left: Jo & Julian, speakers at the meeting

On the first weekend of December every year the Friends of the Museum hold a meeting in Boscastle and we've just finished yet another successful gathering. It's a social occasion for people to meet old friends and catch up with the latest information about the museum.

We had two speakers this year. Jo O'Clereigh, a man with a great deal of both historical and magical knowledge, spoke on his work as an artist on archaelogical digs in Egypt. The photos and stories of his work and the people he met from the 1960s up until this year were a fascinating insight into this aspect of Egypt, its ancient gods & goddesses, and the wonderful people he met along the way.

Julian Vayne, a well known speaker on Chaos Magic and related topics, spoke on the use of drugs in magic, their ritual use, and their use in the society we live in today. He's always a lively speaker and his talk prompted much discussion.

It was a much warmer venue this year as it was held upstairs in the restaurant of the Wellington Hotel. Normally we're freezing to death in a village hall or a Youth Hostel but we thought we'd go a bit more upmarket this year. Thanks to Susie & the staff at the Wellie for looking after everyone so well.

There was also a special "Friends" prelaunch of The Occult Art Company which received great feedback from everyone there. More on that as we get closer to the actual launch. A website is under construction so if you want a sneak preview you can check it out on and watch the progress.

Sunday morning featured a round walk up through the woods to Joan Wytte's burial marker, Minster Church, then back through thupper village. A great way to blow the previous nights alcohol fuelled cobwebs away.

We hope to see even more people attending next year.

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gutted to miss it chaps! dave e