Friday, November 04, 2005

Museum not quite closed for Winter

greetings all

just as I reported that the museum was closing for winter, I am now reporting that the museum is experimenting with not quite closing for winter!

The season has been unusually busy in the last few weeks so Graham has decided to open on reduced hours up until Xmas as a bit of an experiment.

The reduced hours are:
Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun from 11 30AM to 4 30PM
these are subject to change dependent on staff availabity and holidays but if you are in the area at any of these times please pop in.

For our Australian readers, the latest, and sadly the last, Witchcraft magazine has the interview with Graham about the museum in it. I think it's the Sept/Oct issue. Unfortunately we've been informed the magazine will no longer be produced so we wish good luck to all who worked on the magazine in their future endeavours.

I've finally managed to get some photos of the halloween party at the Wellington Hotel downloaded so I've attached them for your perusal. The children looked great in their spooky costumes, sadly the parents just looked a bit scary.

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Frater Reviresco said...

Yeah, unfortunately the publishers responsible for the mag have decided to let it go, which is a big shame, to say the least.

However, hopefully they might just put that issue out as a finale, in which case I'll stockpile a couple in case you don't receive your copy.

Good luck with the winter trading! When we visited, it was a week or so after Samhain, and Graham kindly opened the museum just for us, which was just brilliant.

Take care guys.

-Frater Reviresco