Friday, September 30, 2005

September Draws to a Close...

Visitors just keep coming to Boscastle. The season seems to be extending and many of the hotels are booked up for October. The inaugural Boscastle Food and Art Fair is happening next weekend - Oct 8 & 9. There will be displays by local artists in the school and other venues around the village and food stalls will be dotted around. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

In the museum , the collection of fortune telling cups continues to grow with some rather attractive new acquisitions. I'm beginning to to think Graham is developing an addiction to the these lovely old cups.

He's also mananged to finally purchase a copy of a book he's been after for a long time - the trial pamphlets of Joan Wenham of Hertfordshire, the last known instance in which a witch was convicted in England (1713). She was later pardoned.

Those of you who have visited the upstairs gallery will probably remember the dulcit tones of Aleister Crowley chanting one of his poems. We thought that this may be a little intrusive so Graham has set up some 1930s telephone earpieces so that people who wish to listen can do so without interrupting others who prefer a quieter ambience. I took a photo (shown here) of Justin, one of today's visitors, modelling the usage of the aforementioned earphone.

Historian Phillip Heselton has been visiting the library this week to do more research on his upcoming biography of Gerald Gardner. There is quite a lot of correspondence between Gerald and Cecil Williamson in the library archive which hopefully will prove useful in Phillip's research. I foolishly did not get a photo for you to check out.

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Anonymous said...

Thank the gods that we will no longer have to listen to Aleister Crowley!!