Monday, June 13, 2005

Thanks for all the messages that have been coming through. It's great to know people are reading and following our progress.

Business has been pretty slow since our excellent opening to June. The council are relaying the tarmac in the carpark so available spaces have been halved hence the reduction in numbers. Our second hand books and the museum t shirts are continuing to sell well, all contributing to our refurbishment funds.

We've installed the whizz bang humidity detectors and we've had some interesting results already. We can plot the results for each area of the museum on our computer and we've discovered the inside of cabinets are wetter than outside in some cases. More silica gel needed and we may need to open cases overnight to allow for better air circulation.

For Australian and NZ readers, Graham & I have just finished an interview with Australian magazine "Witchcraft" so an article should be coming up in a future issue. Don't know which one but will let you know when I find out. I've also been told that "Prediction" magazine is doing a small piece on the museum in an upcoming issue. Again, will let you know which one when I find out.

A Bit of Boscastle news:
Many of our visitors have stayed at the Riverside Hotel in the past. Work has been at fever pitch over the past couple of weeks to get ready for their target opening day of July 1st. Peter says they're on track & unless some disaster happens they'll be ready.
Work continues at the back of the Otherworld Gallery to rebuild walls destroyed after the flood, and foundations have been laid at the site of Clovelly Clothing.

Until next time.....


Screamingdemon said...

thanks for keeping the blog going....Mary and myself will be visiting from Brighton (2 week holiday)maybe this time Ill get round to buying my t shirt....(black...xl) please hahaha....thanks for doing what you are doing

Frater Reviresco said...

I'm in Sydney, so I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Witchcraft mag interview. If they forget to send you a copy, leave a post saying so and I'll get one off to you. As it happens I'm also a journalist, so I know how annoying it is doing an interview and not seeing the final product.

It's very low tech, but have you considered leaving an open box of Bicarb of Soda in one of the diplay cabinets overnight to see if that bring the humidity down at all? It draws moisture, so it's worth a try methinks!

Just quickly, while I'm here - I wanted to relay a story.

I visited the museum some years ago now, and when we arrived in Boscastle it was off-season, so you guys were closed. In desperation I rang the number I had, and Graham answered. I told him we'd come to Boscastle to visit the collection, and not only did he open up especially for us, he didn't want any payment, and gave us directions to visit "a special place", which turned out to be the labyrinths at Trewethett Mill, a place I'll never forget.

So, this is a much belated but sincere thank you!

I'm hoping to get back to the UK some time in the next year, so if it comes off Boscatle is definitely on the agenda.

Keep up the good work guys. I daresay the ancestors are very, very thankful.