Monday, October 20, 2014

Mari Lwyd visits the Museum of Witchcraft on Halloween

The famous Mari Lwyd (Grey Mare) will be visiting Boscastle, Cornwall for the first time on All Hallow’s Eve.  Two Mari or Mares will be coming - Y Fari Troellog and Mari Trecopr and they will be welcomed by Penkevyll the Lands End Oss at approximately 5 pm outside the Museum of Witchcraft. A short ceremony or pwnco will be performed to bring good fortune to the Museum and this will be followed by music and dance outside.  Everyone is welcome to join in this, so bring your musical instruments and/or dancing feet!

Later on the Mari plus musicians will visit the local hostelries to bestow their luck and revelry on the inhabitants!  

Here are some wonderful photos to give you an idea about what it is all about and hopefully to intrigue you and encourage you to come along.

For more information on the Mari Lwyd:

Thanks to Cassandra Latham-Jones for including the Museum in this event.

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looks great-for a great set of books on mari lwyd wassail and related customs go here-