Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Graham would like to announce that as of the 31st Oct 2013, he will retire as Director of the Museum of Witchcraft and Simon Costin has been appointed as the new Director.

The management of the museum will now come under the umbrella of the Museum of British Folklore. The entire contents of the museum and library has been donated to the MoBF to ensure its survival as a single collection and it will remain in its current location and will continue to run as an autonomous
entity. Simon has obtained charitable status for his museum and so this will be extended to encompass the Museum of Witchcraft. There are many benefits to be gained from this, from Gift Aid to tax relief.

Graham will be fully involved with the transition period and the appointment of the new manager. Simon very much looks forward to the continued support of the Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft and a special newsletter will be issued shortly with more details.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are about this development. As you can imagine it is very busy at the moment so if you have any queries it would be best to email. Graham will also be presenting further information at the Friends AGM in November. 

"I am so pleased to have found a body of people that have the skills and passion
to take the museum on into the future. I am sure that it will continue to
thrive. I am also sure that its collections will continue to be preserved to
educate and inform future generations."
Graham King

"I am hugely honoured to have been asked by Graham to take the reins of the
museum and greatly look forward to working on its growth and future over the
coming years. The museum holds one of the most unique collections of witchcraft
related material in the world and to be able to play a part in its ongoing
development is hugely exciting. I will do my utmost to ensure that my passion
and understanding of the museum's collection will hold me in good stead for the
next phase of its life'.
Simon Costin

kind regards on behalf of the Trustees of the Friends of The Museum of Witchcraft

Kerriann Godwin


Gemma Gary said...

Wishing Graham a wonderful and well earned retirement! It is reassuring to know that the museum, which has flourished under his care, it to be passed on to such capable hands – the Museum of Witchcraft enters another new and exciting phase!

Our love and best wishes,

Gemma & Jane xxx

Adele said...

Sad to see Graham 'retire' but delighted that Simon is taking over - the Museum will be in good hands ! Congratulations to all
Adele x

Anonymous said...

Wishing both Graham and Colin all the best for the future. Going to be strange not seeing Graham at the door, but very much looking forward to seeing how the museum develops under Colin - exciting times!


Jenny said...

From other reports it seems no one will be at the door in Boscastle, as it may get moved to Dorset or Sussex! :'(

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all, sounds like truly the best for all involved!

Gillian said...

What a very special day! Best wishes to Graham for a well earned retirement, and congratulations to Simon for taking on such an amazing collection.

Simon Costin said...

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to reassure you that the museum will remain where it is for at least five years and then the situation will be reviewed.
At the moment it is very likely that the museum will become a satellite museum for the Museum of British Folklore but will be able to grow and develop. Fear not!

Anonymous said...

Simon, if at some point the museum moves to the folklore museum how do you intend to protect the contents of the present library regarding privacy of the doners/authors

Anonymous said...

I admit, the news has shocked me with concern, but who am I, an anonymous poster, to judge? My sense of apathy about the news, however, has garnered a whispering voice; the prospect of rehousing the museum in five years time to a potentially modern venue seems to me to go against many a common ethic within various traditions of craft. I fear such a thing would become as notorious a case study for bad heritage management as local councils installing glass lifts to heritage buildings, which is taught to every student in the land as a blunder.

The museum has gone from strength to strength and is a resource valued by many on an international scale. It would be a great shame for focus to shift from the current craft perspective to one dominated by the desire of growth within the heritage sector, or, indeed, targeting of illusive heritage grant money.

Here's hoping that the collections shall not be split to go travelling, never to return, and that the museum retains someone of Graham's calibre to act as expert and advisor in the field for those conducting research. Overall, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

Foxglove. said...

Many thanks for being such a perfect custodian of the collection and for taking the responsibility of the handover so seriously. Wishing you a blissful retirement, even if you're busier now than ever!

Best wishes, and thank you 'Friends' for a wonderful weekend.

Another Jenny.